As an Artist....

I am a Concept/Design Visualization Artist and member of the IATSE Local 800 since 2007, as both Set Designer and Illustrator, with a broad-based understanding of digital 3D production. In addition to working in the Art Department, I have worked in VFX Since 1996. I have worked on everything from Feature Films to Video Games.  

My strength is taking loose ideas and making them "work", through a combination of creative and critical thinking. The assets I generate, can not only be used as high resolution rendered images to demonstrate a concept visually as a 2d Illustrations, but can also be used for a variety things, including Rapid Prototyping, Set Design, Propmaking, and are also VFX pipeline compliant for use in final Visual Effects and "Previz".

I have a verycollaborative nature, and like working with others. I am a "Team" player.